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Market needs must be nowadays faced with actual printing solutions. To pretend serving the Customers with partial answers is not the solution. In CPM Internacional we let both the bottling companies and the consumer goods’ manufacturers make the runs they need; big or very little volumes, with tight deadlines and a high definition for photographies. How do we make it possible? With a long experience of 25 years as Rotogravure printer and almost 10 years as pioneer enterprise in Southern Europe in Offset in plastic reel, we answer both the big and the little runs. Why should you continue printing short runs of packaging in flexography if the tool cost will be higher than the plastic one and the printing quality will never reach those of the Offset, Rotogravure and -of course- Digital printing systems? With CPM Internacional has emerged a new opportunity for the market.


A good printing partner of the main consumer goods’ enterprises must let the Customer choose the system in which to develop each job. Every day appear different needs, according to quantities, market targets or kind of decoration. Not having this opportunity means following the indications laid down by the supplier. Almost 10 years ago we complemented our Rotogravure machines by offering the possibility of plastic and paper printing in Offset. An authentic revolution which nowadays still constitutes a novelty. Now, some years later, we are still the market’s reference.

Very low printing tools costs and maximum definition in images. With tight deadlines and the fast answer which characterizes us, thanks to our production capacity and our service vocation.


The great complement to our modern lines of Offset and Rotogravure for film. The big world revolution of which CPM Internacional had to be part. To be able to print in machines adapted to an industrial format any kind of packaging in which we already have a 25 years experience with the other systems. To become a reality the new needs the market demands. Absolute customization of products, in volumes extremely adjusted. With reduced deadlines and Premium printing quality.

With the advantage of having a supplier which is expert in satisfying all company’s needs.


When we began in CPM International 25 years ago we were committed to the printing technology of the best quality at that moment; Rotogravure. We are still conscious of the large possibilities that for many references allows this technology. With our machines we offer concrete applications to some market niches; inks which require application with cylinders, finishes that Rotogravure distinguishes better or jobs made on special materials.

Our know-how in Variable Size Offset and in Rotogravure is considered as one of the most advanced of the industry. The development of our printing systems of Variable Size Offset is the result of the effort of the human team which forms CPM Internacional. What until 10 years ago was only an utopia –something desired both for Purchasing and Marketing Departments in equal parts, because of the big possibilities of savings both in costs and deadlines it allows, together with the symbolic costs of tools it involves compared to the traditional systems of Rotogravure and Flexography- is nowadays a reality of which our Customers have been profiting since then. We offer solutions to the market’s demands. Even more with our commitment to the Digital printing in a industrial scale, at the measure of the Flexible Packaging.

The international certifications that accredit CPM Internacional as an adapted company to the most exigent standars of Quality, Environmental Respect and Good Practices in the delivering of Flexible Packaging for food represent an excellent guarantee. But doubtless is the trust the leading companies with whom we collaborate as suppliers have in us what better recognise the daily effort of our human team.

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