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Because each product requires a different solution and because we are experts in printing we also offer to glass companies, wine cellars, distilleries, oil presses and companies dedicated to promotional items our serigraphy services for glass containers.

Since 1997, Interseriglass offers industrial serigraphy services for all range of glass containers. We decorate not only containers with usual forms and colours, but also those with many more possibilities and with the guarantee of being the main supplier of big and little companies of different industries.

Serigraphy of high definition that reproduces perfectly the details the designer has prepared. We employ permanent glazes, resistant both to scratching and daily use. We decorate not only cylindrical bottles, but also of special forms. A glass serigraphy which differentiates the product against the others and which provides an added value, far higher than the cost it implies.

It can not be compared to lower quality and durability alternatives that also exist.