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Category: Wrap Around Labelss

Wrap Around Labels decorating the refreshments, waters or dairies’ bottles are the best claim a brand has towards the consumer. The fast purchasing decisions the customer makes at the point of sale depend on having an attractive and different decoration, in latest generation’s materials. This and the necessity of a perfect performance of the labels at the bottling companies’ high-productivity lines have turned CPM Internacional into the most reliable supplier of Wrap Around Labels. Compliance with deadlines ensured and with the experience of being the international plastic companies’ main partner in Southern Europe.

cpm sleeves

Category: Shrink Sleeves

Printed in different materials, in accordance with the shrinkage curve every package requires. We offer solutions in Offset and Rotogravure printing and now also in Digital printing. We approach every day very short runs of absolute customization or large scale projects because the limits must be set by the Customers, not by the printers. Let’s take advantage of the opportunities the sleeves allow both in size of the decorated area and in the product’s appearance on shelves.

cpm embalajes flexibles

Category: Flexible Packaging

Packaging for Food, Cosmetics…requires photographs. We offer the possibility of being able to show at the point of sale attractive packagings, with a tool cost really low. The best way to begin selling your products starts with the right choice of the printing system. And there is our team, ready to help you making the best decision.